Learn powerful yet simple solutions to street level defense for today's violent world!

Don't spend years in traditional martial arts learning forms and untested techniques.

The Street Safe series will teach you to
...gain the advantage in a street confrontation and drop your attacker with simple yet violent tools...!
Learn The Essential 8 / Bridging & Attatchment in a short amount of time!

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In Street Safe I we take 8 of the most painful technqiues from various arts and teaches you to impliment them full force with high efficiency. 

In Street Safe II close quarter techniques are combined with cliniching arts for maximum effectiveness. 

The Street Safe Series provides an aspect of fighting that will give you a significant edge in street situtations.
Stopping a street attack can be simple and does
NOT require years of training!
Here are some of the concept you will learn...

  • The Essential 8: Eight solutions to street level self defense to really defend yourself.

  • The most vulnerable locations to disable your attacker.

  • You will be learning "unfair" fighting secrets that have been passed down to me and now to you!
Private one-on-one instruction with the head instructor!
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Simple and easy to learn moves that give you an advantage in today's violent streets!